Useful checklist while you shop online


Shopping online could be fun but you should also ask yourself certain questions before making the purchase.

1. Ask yourself whom you are dealing with that means you should gather all the required information about the trader clearly and get the email, phone contact details so that you can check its reliability.

2. Check that how much the product costs to you therefore the price should be clearly displayed to you with all the costs and look out for nay information about delivery charges, taxes and currency conversion.

3. Make yourself clear that what you are buying as such you should easily identify the product. It is quite important online because you can’t see the goods yourselves.

4.  Check about the stock availability that should be clearly displayed over the website.

5. Get all the details about the delivery methods and the options for delivery methods and prices. Mostly information is given over the website about the options and prices for different delivery methods.

6. You should know promptly when your order is confirmed and therefore a clearly defined ordering process should be available for you. You should also receive the receipt of the order either through email or post.

7. Payment options should be very clear to you because majority of the stores accept credit card and sometimes non-internet payment such as debit card or cash on delivery. 

8. Be clear about the personal information you are being asked for and what they are going to do with it. Therefore if you are asked for your personal information there should be proper explanation as how the information will be used.

9.Also ensure that where you can go in order to place any complaints as the first step should be contacting the online store owner. You can also get advice from your local fair trading authority.

10. Check how much time it will take to get the delivery of the product and also that you shall get an email when the goods has been dispatched.

Secure cart example                         payment options

Before you put in your credit card details, check the URL. The first letters should be https.

Also check all policies especially refund and private. Also the payment providers such as PayPal etc have to be easily displayed.

Additional Support:

To report a website check out this link:

Contact your bank if you have payment enquiries.

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