4 Tips To Throwing Baby a 1st Birthday Party

Baby's Birthday Cake

Yay it’s baby’s first birthday in a few weeks.

It’s common for parents to throw a big 1st birthday party that lasts just a few hours. 

A 1st birthday symbolizes the baby and parents made it through the first year, which is something to celebrate because not all children and parents do.

The birthday boy or girl will never remember the party, food or presents, but will be reminded by the videos and photos that guests and parents will take. 

The birthday party is usually for the mum and dad. 

4 Tips to throwing a great birthday

1. Venue

Choose a venue you are happy with, whether that be your home or a family members home. If you don’t really want to do much than a place like Lollie-Pops Playland or McDonalds is fine. These places have food available, a playground and they CLEAN up after you.

2. Food

A great way to decide on a menu is to go with the weather, like BBQ birthday in the warm spring or summer, or have snack food. Here in New Zealand we usually have a hangi (Meat, vegetables and stuffing cooked in the ground or a keg streamer) A hangi can feed many people. With hangi the expectation is to have many side dishes such as raw fish, seafood salad and steam pudding as well as Rewana (type of bread)

You may consider asking guests to bring a plate for more variety.

3. Birthday Cake

Having a theme makes it easy to decide on a cake. You can have store brought from your local supermarket and throw on decorations, or have a designer cake from a cake store, or you can even make it yourself or ask a friend or family member to make one. We all know a cake maker. The cake is a big focus, many guests will take photos. But everyone remembers if it tasted nice or not.

4. Gifts

Don’t feel you have to spend a lot on the present, the birthday party is the actual present. If you have saved throughout the year for this birthday, great!

Children are usually happy with the wrapping paper and packaging.

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Before you throw a party remember:

  1. Set your budget
  2. Limit your invitations to reflect your budget
  3. Set your venue
  4. Don’t get hung up on the gifts
  6. Ask guest to bring a plate for variety

Have an awesome 1st Birthday Party, have fun AND Make Awesome Memories

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