2nd Anniversary Gifts - Cotton Anniversary Gift Ideas

Almost two years have passed since you both said “I do” and now your 2nd wedding anniversary is coming up, and as so many times before on occasions that etiquette requires the exchanging of gifts, you get stuck in a gift tunnel vision. An example is the spouse who buys flowers for every birthday, anniversary or holiday. Now don’t get me wrong, flowers are great, and so is filet mignon but I don’t want it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Get the point? Mix it up, put a little thought into it. It’s not as hard as you might think and you might even have fun, your spouse will appreciate a gift that shows you put some thought and consideration into its purchase.
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Traditionally, cotton is the symbol for the 2nd year wedding anniversary. Cotton symbolizes the sweet and smooth flowing of the couples’ relationship. When the couple celebrates their 2nd year of being together, they are closer to one another. They are sweeter than the last year. Time may change them for the better. It is right to make the cotton the right gift idea suggestion for this wedding anniversary.

Cotton is a durable, versatile and highly flexible material. These are the qualities of the couple in a successful marriage. Moreover, cotton symbolizes great prosperity.

O.K. now we know that we need to put some thought into this gift and it should probably be made of cotton, I can hear you saying “How am I going to find a thoughtful gift made out of cotton?” Well don’t freak out just yet. Through the miracle of internet shopping and speedy home delivery gone are the days of having to settle for what the local stores had to offer, now the world is at your finger tips, literally.

Here’s a few tips to get you started

Cotton blanket or throw.

Cotton towels.

Cotton briefs and underwear.

Cotton Roses

Cotton hammock big enough for two.

Embroidered Quilts

Embroidered cotton t-shirts or jackets

Pillows or cushions

Graphic t-shirts

My favorite would have to be the Cotton Roses, why? Simple, the roses say “I love you” and the cotton says you loved your spouse enough to find roses made of cotton. Just do a search for any of the items above on your favorite search engine and you’ll have your perfect gift before you know it.

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